fizzing nights with cheap champagne
kissing strangers without names
the world began in 1994

"I would like you to take some selfies that match the phrases of the song I’m giving you…" (x)

"I’d like to bring a special guest on stage. She is an amazing singer, she’s scottish, she’s flown out especially today, she’s 17 years old. Basically, I let her voice speak for itself but this is Nina Nesbitt." 


#tbt Hong Kong, one of my favourite places in the world

@ninanesbitt: Stay Out or The Apple Tree EP’s are my favourite ones


'Can you please show us how perfect you look standing there in your underwear?'


My favourite thing about this band is that everyone wants to get their lyrics tattooed onto their bodies. Yet, none of us actually know what Matty’s saying half of the time.


rule number one when u have ur ipod on shuffle, u never ever skip settle down by the 1975. ever.